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Choosing the Right backpack  is an important decision while buying the Backpack, if it too big you will have to carry extra weight, too small you will never be able to carry all the stuff you need, if you pick a wrong raw material then things will be soaked in rain.


It will be a very confusing decision to buy the right backpack online or offline, there are a lot of Backpacks available online for the best price for the best brands to low-quality brands. Some of the brands will last for long years some of them will last for fewer days, 

At the age of 13 I started using my first backpack, I used it wherever I go but all of them lasted for a less time, I spent the time to pick the right Backpack. It is a time-consuming process to buy the right Backpack after all the research and experiments finally got my first backpack which I am using from past 2 years, which I purchased from Stolt.in

What to look while Buying the right Backpack?.

The best backpacks are the ones that last the longest and stay in good condition no matter how much you use it. Some of the following Factors should be considered while buying the right backpack they are,


1) A quality or Raw Material.


One of the most important factors is while buying a Backpack is Quality or raw material,

First thing is to check the raw material of the backpack, is it made from the good quality material or made from cloth or low-quality material.

Some of the best raw material which Backpack is made form are,

a)    Polyester.

b)    Non-Woven.

c)    Cotton. Etc. etc.


2)    Water resistance.


Second most important Factor is Water resistance while buying the backpack check is it made from Semi waterproof raw material, so everything doesn't get wet in a drizzle, Moreover, make sure the material won’t stay wet long and thereby get musty.


3) Multiple compartments.

A good bag must have multiple compartments. This way, you can break up your belongings into smaller sections so it’s easier to carry and access to find the stuff.

For example, my Laptop or clothes in the main compartment of my bag, my umbrella and flip-flops in the top, and my shoes in the separated side compartment (that way they don’t get everything dirty). It saves having to dig around.


4) Zippers.

Make sure each compartment have two zippers so you can lock them together, it’s about the safety while traveling safety must be needed so look for zipper while buying the backpack.


5) Size.

Most of the people will look size while buying the backpack, What matters is that your backpack should be proportional to your body — that might mean a backpack that is 40 liters or 60 liters. If the weight won’t balance properly it will cause back pain or maybe even make you topple over.


Where to Buy the Backpack?


Final question after deciding to buy the backpack is where to buy it Online or Offline? Form website or store?


Buy it wherever you are comfortable based on the above research if you find a good backpack online then buy it online but take care of Delivery, Order type or shipping charges.

If it available in your local store then buy it from the store itself,