Master Your Employer Branding: 4 Powerful Steps to Success!


Employer branding plays a crucial role in shaping your company's image and brand value among employees. It goes beyond just attracting top talent; it fosters loyalty, engagement, and a positive work culture. To enhance your employer brand, consider implementing the following four straightforward yet powerful steps.

  1. Value-driven Corporate Gifting: Corporate gifting is a common practice, but it often falls short in adding value to your brand image. Many organizations prioritize price over product value during the procurement process, missing an opportunity to strengthen their employer brand. To align with your branding objectives, focus on selecting simple, long-lasting, and valuable gifts instead of generic gadgets with a short lifespan. Personalised items like mouse mats, sipper bottles, or refillable organizers, appropriately branded, create stronger brand recall and demonstrate thoughtfulness.

  2. Purposeful Brand Associations: To go beyond traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, associate your business with a meaningful purpose that addresses societal issues. Consider supporting causes like farmers, women, or child safety. Incorporate this approach into your corporate gifting strategy, making it an extension of your commitment to social causes. For instance, you can procure CORRAL pens made from wheat straw, which not only helps farmers by utilizing crop waste but also benefits the environment. These purposeful associations enhance your employer branding efforts and showcase your company's values.

  3. Prioritise Safety: When it comes to providing employees with the latest laptops, safety is often overlooked in the choice of a backpack. Neglecting the safety of valuable items like laptops can result in significant losses for both the company and the employee, impacting employer branding. Investing in premium, secure laptop backpacks may require a slightly higher upfront cost, but it can save your reputation and expenses in the long run. Look for commercial-grade laptop backpacks with the SECURE IT Mark, designed to protect laptops from accidental falls. These high-quality backpacks come with warranties, ensuring both safety and durability.
  4. Impactful and Meaningful Employer Branding: Employer branding is an art that should be both impactful and meaningful. By implementing the steps mentioned above, you can enhance your brand image among employees, attracting and retaining top talent. A strong employer brand fosters loyalty and engagement by creating a sense of pride and purpose among employees. It communicates your company's values and vision effectively, contributing to a positive work culture and employee satisfaction.
In conclusion, by focusing on value-driven corporate gifting, purposeful brand associations, safety considerations, and impactful employer branding, you can significantly improve your company's employer brand. These simple yet powerful steps have the potential to elevate your brand's image and positively impact your relationship with employees.

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  • By Manish Rao (Employer Branding Expert)
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