Why is PAAV becoming more popular among youth?
- by STOLT

Why is PAAV becoming more popular among youth?

“Products” are not just revenue creators for the businesses, they create value for their customers.

Whether you are selling smartphones or laptops, offering a subscription service, or giving a product as a gift, ultimately it should give value to your customers. These products are generally classified under the “Product As A Value” or PAAV

There are so many ways products create value for both the seller and buyer. While the perception of the company is to create revenue and create a brand, for a buyer it is the utility of the product that is valuable. 

With more and more businesses trending towards “eco-friendliness”  the value trend is shifting towards keeping a clean environment for the betterment of the society. Today, the value of the products is based on their impact on the environment and society as a whole. Over time, this can build a strong brand reputation and customer loyalty, which can help to differentiate the company from its competitors and drive future growth.

While its true that businesses cannot just entirely depend on eco-friendly products, it is best to coexist with the general products.  

The PAAV Movement

With the Corporate Gifting industry growing at a healthy rate, it is time to embrace a new trend in the gifting industry of using Eco Friendliness as a Strong Value to the products.When looked at from this perspective, "Product as a Value", is indeed the future of the gifting industry. 

As a gifting expert and employee of a company, I've seen first hand the shift towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options that benefit not only the recipient but society as a whole. It is indeed clear that generic and meaningless gifts are numbered. The modern day employee and young entrepreneurs are more empathetic and aware of global issues, and they want to contribute to society in any way they can. 

By giving eco friendliness as a PAAV product, you're not only showing appreciation to the recipient but also making a positive impact on the world. These sustainable, organic products, directly or indirectly benefit other members of society and supports fair trade practices or donates a portion of the proceeds to a charity.

By opting for these PAAV products, employers can also align their brand with a positive image and show their commitment to social responsibility.  

I understand products are a critical source of value for businesses. They generate revenue, build brand awareness and loyalty, and provide valuable data and insights.

However, the next time you're looking for a gift, consider the value it holds.  Let’s give a PAAV product that has value and makes a positive impact on the world.

Join the PAAV movement.

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