Why Custom Mouse pads?
A simple but effective branding tool that will generate a lot of free advertising for you!

Why Custom Mouse pads?
Back in the days when mouse mats were considered a novelty, Apple had decided to customise and use mousepads to promote their brand.

Remember those mouse pads which had a prominent Apple logo. It definitely made a big impact then. In fact Apple owed its success to the promotion of the partially bitten Apple, that symbolises their logo. 

This story of Apple Computers also created a stir in another domain - Marketing & Brand Promotion

It made the then marketing world sit up and look at a medium that had the potential to make brands memorable - the simple Mouse Pads. 

The novelty of the then Mouse Pad also made the task of a brand builder much easier. 

Over a period of time, with the advancement of the mouse technology, the mouse could now be used anywhere; everywhere and on any surface. Subsequently the novelty of mouse pads wore off and the branding industry had virtually ditched the product.

But the relentless mouse pad refused to die.

The resilient mousepad outgrew itself  from a mouse 'ka' accessory. The power had increased dramatically beyond a tool that you dragged your mouse on. 

It had etched its footing as an effective tool for brand building and marketing. At its heart, it was still the humble mouse pad that you could still drag your mouse.

Significance of Mouse Pads

The mouse pads have always been the darling of the gamers. Fortunately for the mouse pads the gamers used only mouse pads that used top quality materials and were very comfortable to use. 

Professional gamers who participate in worldwide tournaments need the best types of mouses and mouse pads to ensure that the mouse movements are optimal. These mouse pads won’t have imperfections like your desktop version, so you can be sure that the mouse movements won’t be interrupted.

Besides, whether it is an optical mouse or a laser mouse, mouse pads still help. So, the businesses still invest in them.  

When businesses are looking to invest in brand promotion and brand recall, high quality Mouse pads could make an effective promotional solution.

Let us explore what influences the purchase of Mouse pads:

  1. Mouse Mats should be Soft and Comfortable

Mouse Pads are required to be used on a daily basis in an office. The employees used to throw them away as they were cheap and uncomfortable. If the Corporates wanted them to use the mouse pads, it had to ensure that the mousepads are soft and comfortable yet stylish. 

  1. Mouse Mats have huge space for branding and advertisements.

Be it square, rectangular, oval or custom designed, a Mouse Pad has ample space for logos, branding taglines and motivational messages making it goto medium for corporate branding.

  1. Print Quality on the Mouse Pads Make a difference  

Mouse Pads should be useful, reliable and should generally make life easier — all characteristics a brand would aim for. The print quality would ensure logos and other brand communication on the mouse mat is seen better.  

  1. Mouse Mats enjoy great Longevity.

Since they are used often the mouse mats have to be sturdy and should not skid while using. They should also be temperature-resistant as the modern day mouse uses laser technology which generates heat.

  1. Mouse Pads make would make a great choice as a Corporate Souvenir 

Mouse mat also double up as promotional item that are not too overt and not too subtle making it a safe choice for brand promotion.

In today's digital world, mouse mats are a simple yet effective promotional item for businesses of all sizes. Not only are mouse mats practical and functional, but they also provide a large space for businesses to showcase their brand, products, and services.

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The daily use of the mouse mats provide a constant reminder for the company's brand. It is one of the most effective ways for businesses to increase brand awareness and recognition amongst employees and customers. Mouse mats also make interesting gifts to clients, employees, and business partners and further in promoting the business.

In conclusion, mouse mats are an effective and affordable way for businesses to promote their brand and products. With their versatility, durability, and personalisation options, the mouse pads  are a smart choice for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and brand recall.

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