Do you know about "Wheat Straw Pens"?
95% Biodegradable


Have you heard about CORRAL pens yet?
They're the PAAV and eco-friendly writing instrument that not only looks great, but also helps farmers and the environment with every purchase.

For every 4 metric tonnes of wheat grain produced, 6 metric tonnes of wheat waste is generated and burned, causing environmental pollution. STOLT has taken a major eco-friendly initiative to recycle this waste into a useful product - CORRAL PENS.

Made from Wheat Straw, CORRAL pens are 95% biodegradable and elegant in design. They can also be personalized, making them an ideal corporate gift that's both sustainable and stylish.

Features of CORRAL pens include a body made from wheat straw, solid color barrel, hexagonal push button, designer clip, free-flow ink, and a 0.7 mm ballpoint nib.

When you choose CORRAL pens, you not only get a premium quality writing instrument but also a partner that cares about the environment. STOLT offers no minimum quantity, multiple branding options, outstanding design, greater partner benefit, next-day dispatch, and free delivery.

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