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Best Quality Mouse Pads Online-Ultimate Mouse Pad Guide?

Best Quality Mouse Pads

The Right mouse pad makes difference while using laptops and computers, mouse pads creates comfort zone which makes huge difference of satisfaction to use laptops, First mouse pad Introduced in 1968 And then Xerox introduced roller mouse pad which we are using from long time.

After that new invention and changing technology forced customers to used different mouse pads.

There are several factors which helps to choose best mouse pad to use, they are:

1) Size.

Size Matters while choosing the best mouse pad there are different mouse pads available in the market, based on the usage of the customers,

2) Material.


Standard Mouse pads are high quality low surface friction mouse pads that provide smooth tracking for mouse. Actual top surface is very durable with high degree of color accuracy. The bottom surface is made with high quality anti-skid rubber to adapt different desktop surfaces and provide firm grip.


3) Durability.

Based on the Material Mouse pads lasts for long time, if it is made from rubber plastic, glass aluminum, will lasts for long term

4) Style and design.

Some people choose mouse pads according to their interests, some choose design, some choose according to their personality.

5) Compatibility.

As there are different brands and Different categories available in the market for example Gaming Mouse pads etc.

Please select the mouse pads according your compatibility.

 6) Dual Sided.


There are versatile gamers who want to switch between speed and control.  There are gaming mats available in the market which is 2 sided and comfortable for gamers to play games.

7) Thickness.

Depending on personal feel and preferences, Customer can choose between the comforts of a thick mat, thinner, or somewhere in between. Ranging from 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm in cloth and hard plastic,


Stolt Provides best quality mouse pads based on the above features stolt mouse pads covers almost all features, Based on the category style, design there are different mouse pads available in the market for more information visit www.stolt.in