Secured & Premium Laptop Backpacks

Premium Laptop Backpacks come in various styles, for different purposes. Modern day Laptop backpacks are not just for carrying laptops but for keeping your laptop safe and secure from any accidental fall. In an era where style and fashion matters, premium backpacks are also trendy and stylish. It is flauntable and most of the time it is the topic of debate amongst friends and colleagues. 

Laptop backpacks are available in several dimensions, and features. The first and foremost quality of a good backpack is that it offers ample comfort to the wearer, who would expect them to be safe. For this reason Laptop Backs should have safety feature like Secure IT. They also include smart features like built in chargers to charge your smartphone or laptop while traveling, speakers and more.

If you are looking for Premium and Business Laptop Backpacks, STOLT offers a wide spectrum of backpacks to choose from. Touted as premium business backpacks, the brand brings forth unique designed features that are functional and provides the best utility. Made of premium quality fabric, with various compartments and pockets to keep business essentials like chargers, accessories, and more. Our bags are secured with a unique feature “SECURE IT” wherein the electronic contents in the backpack like laptops are not damaged even when the bag falls accidentally. This brand is one of the best choices for business and travel purposes and is Made In India.

Prime 15.6" Premium Laptop Backpack

Generally, everyone prefers to have a laptop backpack that is easy to commute to the office or college and that can hold a laptop and other accessories. Prime 15.6" premium laptop backpack best fits your style and personality along with numerous utility benefits. It has a padded shoulder strap and 20mm foam air mesh to carry everything comfortably while providing necessary back support.  
The bag's salient feature includes 3 compartments for ample storage and a secureIT technology-based laptop sleeve to protect it from accidental falls. From a durability point of view high-quality metal zippers and pullers are provided for increasing longevity.

To further strengthen the reliability of the backpack, Bartack stitch is used at all stress points and the rubber bushes are also included at the bottom to guard against any unintentional damage. Additionally, the bag has large reflectors in the front area for nighttime rides. With all of its noteworthy features, this functional backpack is a true value for the money.

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Elite 15.6" Premium Laptop Backpack

Whenever you look for a backpack, you see it as a multi-utility kit, that can club all Essential Accessories along with a laptop in it. STOLT Elite 15.6” premium laptop backpack is one such combination of classic style and utility, making it ideal for everyday use. This portable bag is lightweight and durable at the same time making it an excellent choice for professionals and students. It is designed ergonomically with padded shoulder straps and 20mm foam air mesh back for greater back support. This high-density padding also helps in avoiding any wear and tear to inside gears.
The make material of the backpack is light abrasive nylon that adds to its strength. There are two compartments having ample storage to carry books, documents, and other essential accessories. It also includes a SecureIT based-technology laptop sleeve for protecting it from accidental falls or damage. Additionally, high-quality metal zippers and pullers are provided for longevity of the bag.


Even to increase the reliability of this beautiful backpack, bartack stitch is provided at all stress points along with rubber bushes at the bottom to prevent any accidental damage. Apart from this, huge reflectors are given in the front portion for night rides. In its entirety, this versatile bag is a real value for money with its salient features.

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