DEW Keychain - 01

SKU ID: Dew BA 01
Series: Basic
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  • Lightweight & Compact makes it easy to carry
  • High Quality Silicone Material - Soft to touch yet Sturdy for usage
  • Dedicated Space for Branding on both sides
  • Versatile Application-fits into Pockets & Purses or Bag Attachment
  • Transparent Dome stickers provides a smooth and premium look

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    Dew Keychain makes for a versatile and practical addition to your everyday essentials. High quality Silicone material which is soft to touch yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use ensures durability and longer performance. It is lightweight, compact and easy to fit inside pockets, purses, attaching to bags. The dedicated branding place lets your brand take the central place.
    So whether for Corporate Events or Holidays, Dew Keychain makes for a practical, thoughtful and a memorable gift
    Product Name DEW
    Series Basic Series
    Material Silicon Rubber with high quality transparent Doom Stickers
    Dimensions 70mm length x 30mm width x 5mm thickness
    Color Black
    Customisation Centre place of 45mm x 15mm for branding
    Additional Features Steel Ring & Chain length 65 mm