LARDER Daypack

SKU ID: Larder BA GR 01
Series: Basic
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  • First Double Compartment Daypack
  • Huge Space in front for Branding
  • Full Mesh Fabric in back for Comfort
  • Hidden Compartment in Back
  • Large Sized Reflector in Front for Safe Night Travel
  • Spacious Main Compartment with Laptop Pouch
  • Color - Grey

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LARDER daypack is the first 3 compartment daypack from STOLT. The 2 large compartments and organisational pouch are designed to hold your essentials to tide through the day. The hidden compartment at the back allows for the safe-keeping of valuables. The front panel provides a huge space for Branding and Personalisation. The soft, high quality Mesh in the backside and Well-Padded Shoulder Straps increases the comfort while carrying.
The huge space for branding makes LARDER a perfect gift to your employees.
Product Name Larder
Colours Black, Grey
Series Daypack
Material Polyester
No of Compartments 3
Side Pockets 2
Zipper Size No 5
Slider Custom Designed Metal Slider
Bottom Bushes 2
Water Resistant Yes
Weight 350 Gms
Capacity 35 Ltrs
Package 1 Qty